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Check out what some other people have said:

Your Show is Great Value

"Peter I'm a veteran family entertainer myself... and your show is great value... you've really got something there!" Front of house staff, London International Children's Festival Children's Festival.

You Weaved Stories and Songs So Magically

"Peter, I've heard lots about you... but this is the first time I've seen you in performance. It was amazing to watch your control over the audience, the way you weaved stories and songs so magically and kept their attention... the kid's eyes were riveted upon you... hope to see you again!" Parent, Northern Saskatchewan Children's Festival.

You Really Reached Me With Your Songs

"Peter, I have to tell you... you really reached me with your songs and incredibly heartfelt energy... It was great to watch how our students responded to your songs and stories and infectious mischievousness. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Good luck with your music!" Parent leader for Grade 3 class at the London Children's Festival.

I Was Interested The Whole Time

"... Peter Puffin, I loved your songs... I was interested the WHOLE TIME! And thanks for dressing me up as the bull trout... I hope you come back!" Student at London Kid's fest.

You Are Inspirational

"Hi there!! Peter performed in Jasper, Alberta on July 1st. Not knowing who was performing this popular song, "Proud like a Mountain", I inquired...My son is diagnosed with Torrettes Syndrom. You, my friend, made an impression on him. For that --Thank you. I purchased your cd. You are inspirational, keep it up. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you" --- Jean

Promoting a Sense of Respect and Responsibility

"Peter... the themes woven so smoothly throughout your concert resonate with both: our school goals of creating a safe and caring environment... and promoting a sense of respect and responsibility for animal habitat conservation and wise use of our natural resources" Teacher, Red Deer, AB.