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In solo and (increasingly) duo performances, Peter finesses an atmosphere of mutual respect, and choice for participants. Each show is unique as Peter tailors the songs, stories and activities for your celebrations. Sample themes range from environmental stewardship, to inspiring lifelong literacy, to cultivating community-building attitudes and global citizenship.

Audience volunteers feel safe to join in on their own terms.  They can help lead songs, wear animal costumes to simulate FUN, wild animal interactions, and play percussion instruments, to inspire communication skills, perseverance, imagination, resilience & curiosity! We welcome your ideas and vision!

Check our calendar for upcoming performances or visit our recordings page for song samples.

Sample Concerts

We are also pleased to tailor-make shows for children's festivals, folk festivals, large and small scale community events, local/provincial/national parks, company parties, schools, or your special event!

Proud Like A Mountain – Our most popular show!- click to view description

proud iconThis concert from Peter Puffin's Whale Tales draws from Peter's Juno Award winning Proud Like a Mountain CD to inspire students to boost their own self esteem, critical thinking skills, and take responsibility for contributing to caring communities... in the school, and beyond.

A post-concert package of classroom activities reinforce interactive concert themes like:

  • Environmental science (water and habitat conservation) and language literacy.
  • Social studies topics ranging from celebrating Alberta, peace building, zero tolerance for bullying... to being responsible and welcoming global citizens.
  • Boosting academic and social confidence by realizing we all have eight Multiple Intelligences! (Gardner).
  • Audience volunteers are peer teachers, and wear hilarious costumes of WILD Alberta animals and trees.
  • Singing is good for the soul! Music reaches the heart! Embedding desired curriculum outcomes in lyrics offers students an efficient way to really learn concepts.
  • We are pleased to tailor-make the show with your current school themes.

From encouraging a sense of belonging (Kindergarten) to welcoming our community of learners as a Global Village (Div II SS), join multiple award-winning, certified teacher / guitar-slinger Peter Lenton (aka Peter Puffin) for a rollicking school community building experience that will educate, entertain, delight, and inspire!

"Your concert has great ties with the curriculum... teachers, students and parents loved your performance... please visit again!" Calgary Elementary School.

More praise... "I, as well as my students enjoyed the concert very much! Peter, you were exceptional at keeping the children's attention & focus! Had them captivated the whole time! Bravo. Very entertaining and educational. Even by Grade 6 coolness standards, it was superb! Students are still singing the songs. Awesome!" Wheatland Elementary School, Strathmore, Alberta.

Singing our Stories!- click to view description

singing our storiesCelebrate shared singing… with guitar sing-along songs, storytelling, hi-energy audience interaction, and more! Inspire kids to become lifelong readers, listeners and storytellers!

We are all living our life stories every day! Peter finesses concert atmospheres of mutual trust, where kids feel free to discover and share their creative talents. Each concert is tailor-made for festivals, community celebrations, libraries, schools, and more.

DUO shows available with collaborators like Remy Rodden (singer/songwriter) &/or Don the Drummer (percussionist/singer).

Tapping the Power of Clean Energy & The Energy in Me! - click to view description

caring kids icon If kids ruled the world, what a wonderful place it would be! Students know green energy sources need to be developed to maintain the magnificent bio-diversity of living things that call our precious planet home.

Join Juno Award winner Peter Puffin, and celebrate the amazing heart energy of kids, with an interactive, guitar singalong concert and /or songwriting workshop that explores the unlimited ways we can all live cleaner & greener... While conserving traditional carbon-based sources of energy! With science curriculum ties at every grade level.

Living Rivers Giving Trees! Taking Aqua Action! - click to view description

caring kids icon Celebrate our life sustaining rivers and oxygen giving trees, in this rollicking interactive show that helps students explore the precious nature of water… from our local rivers, and the rich habitat homes offered by trees… all the way to the sea. Encourages students to tap their caring natures, with a highly interactive concert experience, plus action-oriented, curriculum-tied follow-up activities!

Peace Building with Kid Hearts! - click to view description

kids hearts iconA rollicking K-6 assembly concert that encourages participation in high energy sing-a-songs and storytelling about the power of peace. Shows youngsters how be peace-builders via Social Studies curriculum-tied songs/activities.

Starting with peace of mind and peace inside ourselves and radiating outwards to the school community, surrounding neighbourhood and promoting global citizenship. Students learn about being peace-makers, living the Circle of Courage, creating caring communities, reducing bullying and boosting self esteem. Planting the seeds of peace for a school year and lifetime of fostering peaceful, productive relationships and learning.

Green Kids on the Loose - click to view description

green kids iconJoin award-winning guitar slinger (and former curriculum specialist) Peter Puffin for this action-a-long concert that blends high energy actions to the songs with wacky wildlife costumes and percussion instruments for the audience.

The costumes encourage student stewardship of urban green spaces that we share with many living things! The accompanying classroom activity package taps the theory of Multiple Intelligence learning to offer a rich resource of teaching approaches to social studies, the new language arts program, global community building, and environmental science!

"We really liked the costumes, actions and the songs. Very informative and fun!" Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Canmore, Alberta.

Kids Paws and Grizzly Claws! - click to view description

kids paws iconFollowing sensational smash concerts that we revamped for the Calgary Zoo, we have completely updated this highly popular performance.

This curriculum-tied show for K-6 will address the plight of bears, habitat stewardship and sustainable development issues in a rollicking hour-long guitar singalong concert.

Other 21st Century Learning curriculum tie-ins include needs of plants and animals, trees & forests, endangered species, and empowering students to undertake learning towards the environmental literacy stages of:

  • raising awareness
  • increasing knowledge and
  • taking action through language arts activities.

A pre/post-show activity package is also included. Come meet a Juno Award winner for children's album of the year!

"You sure kept the attention of the kids, even the littlest ones." Parent, Golden Children's Festival, British Columbia.

Partners in Rhyme! - click to view description

caring kids iconAnother potential DUO show (also available SOLO) presents two decorated, loveable musicians who bring fun-loving, brotherly, mischievous energy that is highly infectious!  These two multi-instrumentalists (guitar, percussion, harmonica, etc.) harmonize to cultivate an atmosphere of belonging and inclusion in a shared creative experience, helping kids feel safe to share their own voices & talents.

The songs educate, entertain and inspire the other participants to: join-in and take action as local stewards of our precious natural spaces which are habitat for so many amazing animals, plants and trees, water and clean energy resources… becoming Partners-in-Rhyme with Mother Nature and the rest of the planet.

So join these WILD musicians for a rollicking celebration of how we can tap the universal language of music, to boost quality-of-life for ourselves, and all the other living things who call Mother Earth our only home!